Medina County, Ohio

Q: Do I need a water bill stub to pay at the bank?

        A:  No you do not.

Q: Do you accept credit or debit payments?

        A. No, not at this time

Q: Do I read my own meter?

        A. No, our water superintendent reads your    meter on or around the 20th of every month.

Frequently asked questions...

Did you Know??

    BPA meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of

               each month at 6:30 pm.  

    at the  Spencer Municipal Building..

                    Public Welcome !!

Office Location

109 N. Main Street

P.O. Box 336

Spencer, Ohio 44275

Board of Public Affairs.

     Due to unforseen circumstances the water will be shut off on Friday February 2, 2018 on South Main Street from Rainbow Street to Old Mill Road. All of Forrest Ave, Billman Ave. and Reed Street will be affected also. Rainbow Street will not be affected. It will be shut off around 8:00 am. and should be back online around 3:00 pm.

    We advise you to boil your water until further notice from the village. It could take up until Monday February 5, 2018 for the boil alert to expire. 


          WATER/SEWER PLANT...(330) 648-2223

            B.P.A. OFFICE... (330) 648-2907

              JIM RAMSEY...(330) 749-5594

Information for renters...

Renters are required to make a $200.00 deposit to put a water and sewer in their name, unless the landlord makes arrangements to keep the bill in their name.

   Water and sewer bills go out the 10th of each month, and are due the 25th of each month.

   Bills can be paid at Farmer's Saving's Bank, by mail, or at the Municipal Building (in person or it can be put in the drop box on the North doors of the building)

  Water and  sewer bills are $68.31, for  the first  2000 gallons of metered usage, anything over 2000 gallons of usage is charged overage, please call for the rates if needed.

   There will also be a $25.00 late fee applied to the bill if it is not paid by the 25th of the month, unless the 25th falls on a holiday or a Sunday.



Water/Sewer Plant 

11680 Spencer Mills Rd

Spencer, Ohio 44275

   BPA members

   Irene Gehring, President

   Ron Blosser

   Ed Charlton


   Jim Ramsey

   BPA Clerk

   Heather Davis